The Best Hosting Companies

We all need these web hosting companies to run our websites on their servers but not all of them are worth it. This is a short review to let you know the best web hosting companies you should consider in 2011, 2012 and beyond.

It would require a rather lengthly article to provide all the details of the differences between the 2 services. Plus, folks would need to familiarize themselves with terms like: cpanel hosting, web hosts, blog, email hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, domain hosting, Dedicated Servers, dedicated hosting, ftp hosting, domain name hosting, hosting PHP, eCommerce hosting etc. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with these terms to gain a better understanding of the web and blog hosting environments.

Quality low cost hosting is what you are after. And it’s this same quality low cost hosting that comes, generally, in the way of shared hosting (hosting that is shared by web sites on a single server), yet provides each of the sites ample space to offer usability to visitors. An individual is also going to want to be sure that he or she signs up with a host who offers stronger packages in term of scalability. Not that you are going to turn your site into the next facebook, but there definitely is the chance that you’ll do stuff like add a few blogs or a forum to the site in order to grow its reach. If the case, you’ll want to know that scalability is an option at your host.

And lastly, but not the least is the support that you are about to get. cheap vps companies ensure that they can be easily contacted just in case something goes wrong with the server or host.

Dedicated hosting is for the big boys. It’s for medium to big business looking to do a lot of work online. A dedicated server is just that, you’re own server. You get your own server just for your website which is unlike shared hosting as you have to share a server.

We strongly recommend Zumodrive. This fee based system allows you to backup all your material into a cloud server. Thereafter, if you travel anywhere in the world and lose your laptop, you can access your files immediately via any internet connection. Moreover, if files are stored on Zumodrive you do not need to store your entire database on your laptop. This reduces the risk of information falling into the wrong hands should your laptop become stolen.

Of course, size is a classic Goldilocks dilemma when it comes to tablets. Too big, too small, and just right depend on how you use it. If you do mostly Web browsing, then a 7-in. screen is usually too small for the typical Web page. You’d be doing a lot of scrolling around. But if you like to watch streaming video or movies, play games, listen to music, or read an e-book, then a 7-in. screen is usually just right.

Floods, hurricanes, blizzards, heat waves – whatever nature throws at a premium web host, that host has a contingency plan. In fact, Plan A, B, C right on down the line. So analog threats are non-existent. If the host guarantees 100% uptime, you know that host is using state-of-the-art security technology from double locked cages to protect multiple servers to algorithmic-based access and smart-door technology to keep bad people from doing bad things in the host’s server room.

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