Career Coaching And Life Choices

Is it time to really heat up your job hunt? A resume may represent a huge obstacle if you have been thinking of looking for a better job or making a career change. How can you put something together that will give you the best chance of landing the position that you seek, especially in this market?

Network. Networking is still the best way to get a job. Tell family, friends, former co-workers, etc. that you are looking for a job. They can’t help you unless they know you are looking. Don’t just say “I’m looking for a job”. Give them specifics. Ask them about specific people they know that might be in your industry. Dig up names in your address book from internships or summer jobs you’ve had and reach out to those people.

It’s a tough job market/economyEven when the newspapers and other news sources say that unemployment numbers remain steady, that job growth is at a standstill, or that we’re experiencing slow economic recovery, not to mention downsizing and outsourcing, don’t believe it.It’s a myth because it doesn’t reflect the whole story, the fact that that it’s a different job market today. It’s a changing economy.

For example, the “Experience” section requires you to enter the month as well as the year of your employment, as well as the location of the job. You’ll find this when you complete your profile manually. If you upload your LinkedIn profile, you will not see the dates of your positions on your TalentMe profile. If you want to keep your LinkedIn data as it appears on LinkedIn, simply leave your TM profile as it is. Because if you make ANY changes to an “Experience” entry, it will not save the changes until you also add in months and location.

One sure step to take is to consult a career path coach. If you don’t have access to a career coach in pune, reading the book “What Color is Your Parachute?” is a great reading that will help you identify your direction.

Assuming that I missed the turnoff, I stopped, checked the map and directions again, turned around and drove back the way I came for a few minutes. I didn’t see any possible turnoffs that I could have missed so I turned back around again and kept going further into the hills. A few minutes later I was sure that I was going in the wrong career coach tips direction and getting more frustrated with every turn. I noticed myself fantasizing about the hike in West Marin that I decided not to take, questioning my selection of this trail in Oakland, and wondering how I could salvage my day.

You attract others to your team based on your core values, priorities, and unique contribution. Your core values and priorities create a commonality of why we do and how we do. Your unique contribution is complementary within the team.

You do not have to be The Writing Career Coach to benefit from a blog. The same is possible when contacting editors and agents. If you have a strong readership and have developed a unique voice through your blogs, you can use them as living resumes.