5 Key Tips To Remember When Submitting Your Master For Cd Duplication

Why would anyone want to go and start a CD duplication service? After all, everything is moving to iPods and smartphones, right? Think again. Most music is still listened to on a good old CD. So if you thought CDs were on their way out, don’t count on it just yet. But aren’t CD duplication services just for folks who need thousands of discs…I can’t handle that many CDs! Not necessarily. In fact, the big companies often focus on mass production–often at a fairly high cost. That leaves the door open for you. I mean sure, you may not make a million dollars a year, but you can bring home a respectable profit if you work at it.

Everything will be copied to perfection. If you have code and type errors, then expect to see them in each of the 1,000 CDs you have duplicated. Make sure you check each section, each word, each letter of your booklet and CD packaging before giving a go signal to your bulk cd duplication company. Although they will check for errors, you are 100% responsible for the content. Before sending anything, make sure you have included every name that you need to give credit, make sure the fonts are the same in every page, make sure the lay-out is perfect, etc.

If your designing the packaging yourself make sure you either have the proper software needed to design your artwork, or know someone who does. Far too many bands have a great concept that doesn’t quite translate to the finished pieces, because they didn’t have the right tools to start with. Using unsupported software almost always results in poor print quality due to resolution and font issues.

Printer choices. With some equipment, you have options for printing. If you need an certain resolution or dpi with some equipment, you can alter the printer that is used in the internal system of the equipment. This will allow you to create customized solutions for your discs.

But wait a minute…Why let a manufacturing company do short cd duplications when you can just do it at home? Yes, I hear you! With the advancement of technology, burners and printers are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. And when it comes to technical know-how, there’s nothing that can’t be learned from Google, right? Oh thank God for computers!

And yet, the vinyl still hangs on. In fact, there is a good argument that vinyl is actually more popular now than it ever has been. Back when vinyl was the media of choice for music, every few people ever thought about vinyl, it just was. Since it is been replaced, though, quite a lot of people have come to realize that they actually quite like vinyl. The audiophiles and music lovers say that it has a richer, deeper sounds, something that you just cannot get with music that has been reduced to just a series of ones and zeroes on a CD. It also has a certain novelty value. It is now become fairly common for bands to produce limited runs of their music on vinyl, offered to their fans who really want and demand a different kind of medium.

Some have templates where you can just import your image or design onto. This will indicate whether you have the correct dimensions. There are PDFs available to download so that you can check you have laid out the artwork correctly. They will indicate how much bleed you will need to add to your design.